Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Notes

1. People who have pools and who don't swim in them when they are sweaty are foolish. I was foolish this morning, but have been in three times this afternoon.
2. I am very grateful to have a pool. (Call me if you want to join me.)
3. My kids thought they had been on holidays for two weeks already.
4. It takes a while to find a summer rhythm.
5. Currently ripe in the garden: peas of all sorts, strange berries that taste like what I think poison berries might taste like, beets. Also, the last of the lettuce and the very last of the spinach. Coming on: carrots and beans.
6. Cicadas at eight a.m.
7. Tested out the air conditioner today - just in case.
8. It has evidently been a long, full, kinda stressful year. I forget how to relax and can't believe I'm allowed to.
9. I am incubating a new novel. I can't believe I'm expecting again so soon, but there you go. Just fertile I guess.
10. Laundry on the clothesline dries in an instant, hotter than if it had gone through the dryer.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your pool stays cool enough to be refreshing:)
    I'm always surprised and dismayed how quickly the long-awaited strawberries, then cherries, then lettuces and radishes and asparagus are over...we catapult through summer until it's time for apples and pears and the leaves turn colours!