Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hum a little tune to yourself. Your regularly scheduled blog will return soon. We've had a few "technical glitches" this week, chiefly due to seasonal affective disorder, a puppy and a traveling husband. As one of my sisters once said, "I haven't had two minutes to rub together."

- Jobs I am glad I don't have this week: roofer, nursing mother, construction worker, undertaker, lawn mower, garbage collector.

- Places I'd rather be: Geneva with my hubby, Metis sur Mer with my sister, Quebec with Lorilee, a walk-in-refrigerator, February.

- Things I'm grateful for: that I didn't actually set the pool on fire, that the dog was only insane twice this week, air conditioning, that my kids have regained their health, cool breezes, that the grocery store sells bbq chicken, that I picked raspberries before the heat wave got too intense, supper with friends and coffee with my writers' group.

- Things I'm not so grateful for this week: that I took on painting a child's bedroom, that my kids are constitutionally unable to put dishes in the dishwasher, that one soccer coach refused to cancel practice, having to be the sole chauffeur.

- Times I have lost it: once.

So, how about you? Fill this intermission with your answers to the same categories. Thanks! Wishing you a cool breeze wherever you are!

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  1. We had a new roof put on this week. The guys just left. I plied them with watermelon & they took multiple dips in the pool while they were here. Poor fellas. I'm a nursing mom, and we don't have a/c. It's been tough slogging around here. I echo your choices of undesirable jobs this week. I'd rather be anywhere cooler, or somewhere hot, but temperate - without humidity. I am grateful to have had a few days with only one of four kids to look after, that I got a haircut today (it's been 4 months since the last one), for grandparents who are willing to look after our kids, for our pool, and for our new homeschool books that have been arriving on a daily basis. Not so grateful for the heat/humidity & for the lack of a/c in our house. I haven't lost it this week - likely because most of our kids have been away!