Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Our week of celebrating Italy has come to an end and I am giving it no further thought at all. Good celebrating and good grieving work like that, I find. If you go into them, you come back out again.

We are tree-sitting a friend's maple trees this week, and have been very anxious about the warm nights, which are Very Bad for sap production. But now we have had two nights of below freezing and I have a large vat of sap boiling away on the stove.

Dave and the kids are at the zoo and the CN Tower today and I begged off. I feel more than moderately guilty but I have great need of a day to work and think, and a very good family who are happy to do their own thing. We will have the next four days together. For my penance, I have bleached the school lunch bags. So yes, my kitchen smells like bleach and maple. Mmmmm mmmmm.

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