Friday, April 2, 2010


This is my blog. I control its content. You'd think I'd make myself slimmer, funnier, and more attractive than in real life.

Instead, you get what you get.

Right now, going to the Family Easter feels Fraught With Potential Tension. My family is experiencing the breakdown of a particular relationship and we haven't all agreed on how to proceed. Some of us have been severely criticized for our choices.

I've been really happy with how I've dealt with it all so far, but I'm not exactly sure I'm prepared to break bread with those who chewed me out so recently.


In happier news, I planted magenta primulas and the sweetest pansies ever in window boxes at the front of the house. We also gave the yard a severe raking, which felt very cleansing for it - like getting tangles out of your hair - and seeded and top-dressed it. And we went to church and it was good.

I suppose that is the tension of Good Friday - the now and the not yet. The hope that all relationships can be reconciled, even when it looks like the very end. And in the midst of that heaviness, we plant and we rake and we wait.

As for tomorrow, we've decided to go but to keep our visit shorter than planned. A serendipitous hockey final for Matt gives us a reasonable reason, I hope.

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