Thursday, April 22, 2010

Loose Change

Neil Gaiman writes, "I think I got about half way through The Hero with a Thousand Faces [by Joseph Campbell, whose work seems to describe themes in Gaiman's work] and found myself thinking if this is true — I don’t want to know. I really would rather not know this stuff. I’d rather do it because it’s true and because I accidentally wind up creating something that falls into this pattern than be told what the pattern is."

I am currently trying to decide whether to spend money we don't have to take a course at Regent College in Vancouver this summer. The course is a theology one for artists. Which is what I am interested in exploring. But, I resonate with Gaiman's quote deeply too, and find myself less interested in talking about theology - or any ology - than either doing it or illustrating it. The course dovetails pretty perfectly into other summer plans and gives me a chance to satisfy my Vancouver craving. It might also let me see an old friend I really need to hang out with. But, it's money we don't have. It probably costs the same as replacing our shed, which we had already planned to put off because of the cost. And, what if my Gaiman-like gut is right?

Do I search the couches for loose change to finance this trip or not?

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