Friday, April 27, 2012

Pregnant at 42

OK, seriously, I'm not. And glad not to be. It's just that I'm really close to meeting a milestone with hits on this blog for this month and I was hoping a controversial title could take the place of another controversial post. Whaddya think? Let me try to make it up to you for tricking you: if you haven't come across this guy yet, you absolutely should. Apparently he was on SNL last week, so I'm a bit late to the party, but he's also just made the Billboard Top 100, so I'm thinking I'm not the only one. The other thing I've been thinking about this week is what I call incidental community. This, for me, has come lately primarily in the form of other dog owners, but in the past it has been other sports parents. When I say incidental community, I mean people who come together on a regular basis, sharing our lives largely on the basis of being thrust together by circumstances. What's interesting is the possibility for depth in such relationships. Now off to eat pickles and ice cream.

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  1. I was pregnant at 42 and gave birth at 42 and let me tell you it was a dream pregnancy and he's a dream-come-true child! Also, Gotye rocks. I like the concept of incidental community but moreso I like the idea of depth to such relationships. For example, I've become incredibly close to three couples in particular in the past year solely based on the fact that we all lined up with one another overnight to secure a spot for our children in a local daycare. They are the people I've hung out with the most often this year and they're wonderful NEW friends, which is rare, I find, at this stage of my life, to make time for people I've only JUST met in the past year, you know? Time is precious. What's even more interesting is my child is not in the same age group or class level at the daycare as the other children of these couples so our connection has grown from one night's worth of 'superbonding' (and swigging communal bourbon by midnight just to keep warm in February weather). I have grown to LOVE these people. What a surprise at 42, the birth of these new friendships! Pass the pickles and ice cream ova here! (Yes, the 'ova' is a nod to both Tony Soprano and to fertility, in general, whatever age!) Nice post, Susan.